Cooking Film Pt. 2

freelensed flower in film soup

“Souping” film in boiled water and saltKodak Ultra Max 400Nikon F2Film Lab 135

An 80 Year Old Camera Pt. 1

Think of all the memories that were photographed with a vintage camera. Birthdays, weddings, first days of school, vacations – probably thousands of memories have been exposed through the vintage lens. Might sound silly, but I’m drawn to the stories these cameras have shared over the years. So imagine my joy when I found a… Continue reading An 80 Year Old Camera Pt. 1

Nighttime Film in Daylight

2021Nikon F2 | Cinestill 800t Using Cinestille 800t (film designed for the night light) in the daylight to create powerful colors. Breaking the rules might feel weird, but usually results in magic.

Cooking Film Pt. 1

film soup green tea lime juice

"Souping" film in boiled water, green tea, and lime juiceLomography 400 | SnapSighs! | Film Lab 135

A Plastic Camera in Paris

Eiffel Tower Double Exposure

2018 I traveled to Paris and the only camera I brought was was my bright blue plastic Holga 120n. Big risk = big reward. To date, these are still some of my most favorite images of Paris.