Retold Stories


It started with a passion for knowing the story behind the photograph. One of my favorite things to do is sit with shoeboxes of family photos and soak up all the information I can as their stories are told by those who lived them. That passion turned to a curiosity. I started seeing old photographs everywhere I looked. Why would someone get rid of these photos? Many of them scribed with names and dates on the back. Who were these people? What was their story?

Determined to not let them be tossed and forgotten, I wanted to give them new life. And that’s where the series Retold Stories came from: out of a passion and curiosity to learn about the people in the photographs. Each person has a name. Each person has a story.

For this series, I’ve taken my passion for storytelling to another level. I have paired vintage, found photographs with images that I’ve taken with my plastic Holga 120. From there, the two images are hand-embroidered to help narrate it’s history. I’m drawn to the people in the photographs. I know some of their names. I know some of the dates the photos were taken. But their stories are a dream. Whimsical ideas of a life that once was.

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