Photo Prompt Challenge: Lines

For the month of April, our group decided to shoot LINES. Have you ever noticed that if you think about something, you start to see that thing everywhere?! Like everywhere! That was me with lines. This was a really fun photo prompt because I mostly shot abstract. Usually someone or something is my subject. But […]

You + Me + A Polaroid Camera

… Equals magic! Can we sit and talk about how magical Polaroid cameras are? For real. You snap a photo, something tangible pops out of the camera, and a few minutes later you have a memory you can hold FORVER. There is just something so special about being able to hold that little image in […]

Photo Prompt Challenge: Artificial Light

For the month of March, our group decided to focus on and photograph artificial light. This was a challenge for many, because when photographers think of “artificial light” we think of strobes and studio lighting. And while yes, that is artificial, so is: a flashlight, cellphone light, street lamp, external (cheap) flash, attached flash, car […]

Tips for Watercolor Painting on Prints

This week, I shared a reel on Instagram of my process for watercolor painting on a black and white print. You can watch the reel here. It has been a blast sharing the creative process with my mixed media pieces and I want to invite you to join me in the creativity. It is a […]

Photo Prompt Challenge: Frame

My year-long project for 2021 will be based on photo prompts. In fact…I’ve been sharing photo prompts on my Instagram stories this past month. You can see them in my highlights. Each month, a group of film photographers pick a photo prompt to shoot. In years past we did One Roll, One Kid and One […]

Ohh La La: A Page from my Sketchbook

Paris is filled with beauty. I think that’s why I’m drawn to this magical city. Everything is beautiful and inspires me to create beauty. While we were there for our last trip, I told my husband that Paris has inspired me to create more art. Not just photography, my preferred medium, but also sketch and […]

One Roll, One Day | February 2020

For this month, I decided to shoot with my adorable little Diana Mini and my favorite stock: Ilford HP5+. I’ve never intentionally shot diptychs or overlapping frames for the entire roll, so I did that with this roll. We were out at the racetrack for some car racing. It has been raining non-stop for days […]

Pages From My Sketchbook

Sketching and watercolor is something I picked up about a year ago. I picked both up as a way to heal after dealing with a lot of loss in a very short period of time. Photography is also an avenue of healing for me. But there is just something about drawing and watercoloring on paper […]

One Roll, One Day | January 2020

We are at it again! Last year, a handful of photographers did the One Roll, One Kid project where we (mostly) shot an entire roll of film on our kiddos. We loved it so much that we decided to stick together, do another project, and even got more photographers to take part in this year’s […]

One Roll, One Kid | December 2019

What a special roll of film this is… Texas Christmas is a tradition my husband and I started for our daughter’s first Christmas. You see, we travel to see family every year during Christmas and don’t want to travel with the presents of each other. So every year we celebrate Texas Christmas the weekend before […]

Shooting Ilford Delta 3200 in a Point and Shoot

Give me all the grain! For my One Roll, One Kid project this month, I did something different. Again! Instead of sitting her down for portraits, I popped a roll of film into my point and shoot and left it in there for about 10 days. This is the first month I’ve done this project […]

Shooting Ilford Delta 3200 at 1600 ISO

Pushing and pulling film has been one of my favorite things about film since I knew it was a thing. Some might think, why on earth would you shoot your film at a different speed than designed? A few reasons, actually: you don’t have the proper film speed for your lighting situation so you want […]

One Roll, One Kid | October 2019

Totally cheated with this roll, but I don’t even care. My intention was to shoot this roll at the library the same day. But when I got off of work, picked her up, and finally got to the library it was kids galore.

One Roll, One Kid | Sept 2019

September – what a month! Still very much summer here in central Texas, so this month was shot in the pool. This was a fun month full of fun, a little travel, and you guessed it…lots of pool days.

One Roll, One Kid – August

I changed it up again and shot a roll of Kodak Tri-X on my amazing little Fujifilm GS 645. It’s been a bit warm and sunny, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to shoot this roll outside. Thankfully, this little one still allows me to take her photos.

One Roll, One Kid | June 2019

June FLEW by. I mean, flew. I blinked and the year was halfway over – it’s hard to believe. It’s full-blown summer here in Texas, so when we got a day of only 90 degrees, we took advantage of it and blew some bubbles outside.

One Roll, One Kid | May 2019

What a month this has been. I’ll be honest – it totally snuck up on me. In fact, so much so, that I decided to try something new…instead of one roll, one kid…I tired one pack, one kid. As in – I pulled my Polaroid Sun 660 (LOVE!) out and put in a pack of film.

One Roll, One Kid | January 2019

My big project this year is documenting my sweet girl. This month she’s 3 years and 9 months, or in her words, “It’s taking a long time to be 4.” Little does she know how fast it’s actually going.

One Roll, One Day | September 2016

Whelp, I did it again. I loved photographing my own day last month that I wanted to do it again THIS month. And truthfully…I’m probably going to make this a monthly thing. I just love those everyday moments.

About Me

I am a visual storyteller, using analog photography and mixed media. When shooting, I usually grab a plastic or very old film camera. I feel like the images from these plastic and vintage cameras aid in my ability to capture and share the story. They feel ethereal. The softness of the images add to the magic that I’m drawn to, allowing me to pull emotion into each image. I add mixed media through embroidery, watercolor, and collage to reveal another layer of the story.