Photo Prompt Challenge: Lines

For the month of April, our group decided to shoot LINES. Have you ever noticed that if you think about something, you start to see that thing everywhere?! Like everywhere! That was me with lines.

This was a really fun photo prompt because I mostly shot abstract. Usually someone or something is my subject. But this theme had me shooting outside the box which was super fun.

For more lines, follow the blog circle. Next up: Catherine.

Camera, film, developing details for those who like it

b/w photos
Nikon F2 | Ilford HP+ | dev/scan at home

color photos
SnapSights! | Kodak Ultra Max 400 (souped) | dev/scan Film Lab 135

One thought on “Photo Prompt Challenge: Lines

  1. YESSSSSS!!!! LOVE these, and especially those first two as a diptych. SO good. I start to see the things everywhere too! OR, sometimes I stop seeing them and then I’m so annoyed because normally what I’m looking for is everywhere until I want a photo. HA!


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