Photo Prompt Challenge: Artificial Light

For the month of March, our group decided to focus on and photograph artificial light. This was a challenge for many, because when photographers think of “artificial light” we think of strobes and studio lighting. And while yes, that is artificial, so is: a flashlight, cellphone light, street lamp, external (cheap) flash, attached flash, car lights, etc… So really, all it took is for us to think a little outside the realm of the obvious and have fun with it!

Originally, I wanted to shoot long exposures at night with my Canon 3000n. But as soon as I set up my tripod, my camera died. Literally. So, plan b it was. And actually, plan b turned out being pretty amazing. I had an impromptu photoshoot with my daughter. I used my Holga 120S, a cheap external flash, and a roll of Ilford HP5+.

I swear, every time I shoot a roll on one of my Holgas I wonder why I own any other camera. These images speak to me on so many levels that other images I make with different cameras just don’t.

Be sure to check out my friend Amy Berge and her take on “artificial light” this month!

But I did sneak in some Holga long exposure images using city and car lights!

The technical stuff for those who like it:
Cameras: Holga 120N and 120S
Film: Ilford HP5+
Developer: Kodak HC-110 (1+15 dilution)

4 thoughts on “Photo Prompt Challenge: Artificial Light

  1. mmmmm hmmm. Especially love the long exposure night photographs! I remember having that as a fun assignment in art school days. I’ll have to take the teen out to do that soon.


  2. My WORD these are so awesome. It’s funny, because when I think artificial light, I automatically think overhead lights, lamps, fridge light, flashlights, headlights. HA! This time I was going "out of the box" with strobes! I’m really just trying to get better at them and thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. But these are so amazing. Makes me want to go back to my original inclinations when it comes to artificial light.


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