Photo Prompt Challenge: Frame

My year-long project for 2021 will be based on photo prompts. In fact…I’ve been sharing photo prompts on my Instagram stories this past month. You can see them in my highlights.

Each month, a group of film photographers pick a photo prompt to shoot. In years past we did One Roll, One Kid and One Roll, One Day. This year will be significantly less structured…uh, hello pandemic? Guidelines are better. Rules are just out the window at this point – if we are all being honest with ourselves.

For January, we chose: frame.

I took this to mean find things framing my subject. These days, we are spending as much time as possible (safely) outdoors. So I love that the gorgeous trees are framing my daughter playing outside.

Stay tuned for the follow months. If you are a film photographer and would like to participate, let me know! I can add you to the list.

Be sure you check out Dena and her fun captures for frame.

Holga 120s | Ilford HP5+ at 800 | developed/scanned at home by me

4 thoughts on “Photo Prompt Challenge: Frame”

  1. These have a very nostalgic quality to them. Both photographs are a perfect documentary of the times, the face masks, the lone child in a playground and the streets empty enough to scooter right down the middle. Of course the dreamy black and white through the Holga is the perfect match.


  2. I am always in awe of your holga photos! (My attempts have been a complete failure!) These are beautiful! Great job!


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