The Day My Baby Turned Five – One Roll, One Day | April

Oh what a beautiful day this was. I’ll be honest, I was very worried about this day. April 9. The day my baby turned five years old. I was supposed to have all those bitter sweet feelings of my baby – the one who mad me momma – turning FIVE. And I had those bitter sweet feelings. But I was also sad leading up to the day. Because this is likely going to be the first birthday she remembers. We were supposed to be celebrating with family at Disneyland. Instead, we Zoomed. And I had such a heavy heart about it. We want the best for our kids, don’t we? We all do. And it looks different for every family. But what I didn’t realize is what she actually got, was the best.

She declared this the best birthday ever. Yes. My five year old said spending (almost) the entire day inside was the best birthday ever. And you know why? Because we were together – the entire day. She got to FaceTime and Zoom with a lot of friends and all of our family. We got to color her hair pink. We got to eat pizza and sprinkle cake that I made in the shape of a rainbow. She got the entire house decorated in balloons and rainbows. We played games together, made jewelry together, danced together. We were together.

She reminded me of what’s the most important: time together. And what a blessing, because that’s what we have right now. Traveling to Disneyland would have been so fun – and we’ll do it some day. But spending the entire day with her – oh how special that was. I wouldn’t trade that day for any day. One for the record books.

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Day: April 9
Camera: Polaroid OneStep CloseUp
Film: Polaroid

4 thoughts on “The Day My Baby Turned Five – One Roll, One Day | April

  1. So fun that you did this day on polaroid! I’m so happy she enjoyed her special day, and gave you peace of mind that you’re raising a beautiful little human!


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