One Roll, One Day | March 2020


This was a weird day. Our first weekend day social distancing due to COVID-19. We tried to make the most of it and I figured it was a good day to document.

We started with making homemade pancakes. Then brought out a jewelry kt she got for Christmas. Followed by a new puzzle, art, and some soccer outside. Momma ended the day with developing some film.

Overall it was a good day. Pacing ourselves and taking it each day at a time. We hope you are yours are well.

Be sure to check out Rachael and her day documented this month here.



Ilford HP5+ | Canon Sure Shot | Self dev/scan

5 thoughts on “One Roll, One Day | March 2020

  1. It’s so interesting to see which of us took our shots before and after the shutdown! What a strange and historic month to document. These are so nostalgic and classic.


  2. Love that you documented the first weekend of this weird new normal! It’s surreal to know we are living through historic times right now.


  3. Your day was similar to the one I documented, without the commentary it just appears to be a pretty normal day! But this is definitely a strange time we will remember for many many years, I’m sure! I love that you did black and white because it will be timeless when you look back at these images one day!


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