One Roll, One Day | February 2020

For this month, I decided to shoot with my adorable little Diana Mini and my favorite stock: Ilford HP5+.

I’ve never intentionally shot diptychs or overlapping frames for the entire roll, so I did that with this roll. We were out at the racetrack for some car racing. It has been raining non-stop for days so it was really nice to get a little sunshine and no rain. We even had a cute green ladybug stop and hang out for a little while. Overall, it was a beautiful day and I’m so thrilled with how this adorable roll of film turned out. I’ll definitely be doing this in my Diana Mini again.


Day Photographed: 2/22/2002
Diana Mini | Ilford HP5+ | Self dev/scan




Diana Mini half frame overlap


Diana Mini half frame overlapping photos




Circuit of the Americas WEC on film


overlapping frames  on Diana Mini



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