One Roll, One Day | January 2020

We are at it again!

Last year, a handful of photographers did the One Roll, One Kid project where we (mostly) shot an entire roll of film on our kiddos. We loved it so much that we decided to stick together, do another project, and even got more photographers to take part in this year’s project: One Roll, One Day. The idea is that we photograph an entire day using only one roll of film. Documenting the story of us for an entire year.

I did this project several years ago with a different group of photographers – so I can’t take credit for this idea. But I loved it so much, I thought it was time to do it again.

For the month of January, I decided to pick January 1 and use my (new to me) Canon point and shoot camera. I figured it was a good way to start the New Year. We didn’t do anything special. But school was closed and my husband and I were both off of work, so it was a fun day. Filled with homemade breakfast, lunch out, Monopoly, and lots of lounging.

Documenting my every day is something I’ve been wanting to do more of. So I’m excited to pick this project back up. While you’re at it, be sure to check out my buddy, Jolene Redfern in San Diego for her One Roll, One Day in January project.


January 1
Canon Sure Shot | Ilford Delta 3200 | Self dev/scan





5 thoughts on “One Roll, One Day | January 2020

  1. That shot with the motion blur of the page just got me! I love that you chose a day in the Christmas season so that could be juxtaposed with things like the palms. I’m finding everyone’s posts so inspiring and cannot wait for next month!


  2. A day in the life on film is such a great idea and I am so happy to be participating. I love that you chose January 1st for your first challenge, it’s been wonderful to follow your day along. So many lovely details and moments! Looking forward to next month already.


  3. I love these! Makes me want to pull out a point and shoot, and just document. The Christmas lights are perfect! We try to do game night every so often, and the girls are obsessed with Monopoly, but now I’m thinking I should get Monopoly Junior instead. Can’t wait to see your roll next month!


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