Shooting Ilford Delta 3200 in a Point and Shoot


Give me all the grain!

For my One Roll, One Kid project this month, I did something different. Again! Instead of sitting her down for portraits, I popped a roll of film into my point and shoot and left it in there for about 10 days. This is the first month I’ve done this project in a 35mm camera, so I have a lot more photos than normal – so check out the bonus images at the end.

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while is take photos of her at the library. We go often – maybe three or four times a month. But there are usually so many kids. Well, I happened to bring my camera one of the days with hardly any kids, so I went for it. I’m really happy with these!

Make sure you visit Charlene and her roll this month.

Ilford Delta 3200 Indoors

ilford delta 3200 shot indoors without flash

After shooting a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 at 1600, I was curious what would happen if I put this roll into my point and shoot and shot it box speed. Ilford does black and white so well. I’m in love with these images.

I cheated a little and started on October 31 – come one, it’s Halloween! I used the on-camera flash for Halloween and a handful of others. But daylight photos, I just let my camera figure out what it wanted to do. I definitely need to use this nifty little camera more often. And definitely need to shoot Ilford Delta 3200 more often.

Ilford Delta 3200 at Night with In-Camera Flash

shooting delta 3200 at box speed with a flash

Ilford Delta 3200 Shot Outside in Sun and Setting Sun

ilford delta 3200 in sunlight

Development Details

I developed this roll at home. I used Kodak HC-110 (B) and developed it based on the massive dev chart times for 3200. No frills. Just straight forward. If you love grain, you’d love this film at 3200 (and 1600 for that matter!).

Do you like to shoot Ilford Delta 3200? What’s your favorite way to shoot it? Tell us in the comment section!

2 thoughts on “Shooting Ilford Delta 3200 in a Point and Shoot

  1. 3200 iso idealnie nadaje się na sloneczke dni bo takie filmy maja mniejszy kontrast. W pochmurne uzywam 25 iso by wydobyc kontrasty oświetleniowe. W 3200 pieknie wtchodzi ziarno, ale to przy 12600 efekt jest extra.


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