Shooting Ilford Delta 3200 at 1600 ISO


Pushing and pulling film has been one of my favorite things about film since I knew it was a thing. Some might think, why on earth would you shoot your film at a different speed than designed? A few reasons, actually: you don’t have the proper film speed for your lighting situation so you want to adapt the film you do have, you want to accomplish a certain look (more grain, brighter, more contrast, etc), or you just like to have fun and see what happens. Usually, I’m the later – just like to have fun and see what happens.

Ilford 3200 is an awesome film. It’s not actually 3200 ISO (it’s confusing, I know). It’s actually about 1000-1200 ISO which is still super fast. But if you shoot it at 3200 and develop at 3200, you’re basically pushing the film. However, for this roll, I shot it at 1600 and developed at 1600 (still technically pushing the film since it’s 1000-1200). The results are AWESOME.

I put the roll of film in my Olympus OM-1 while my family was in Houston. We went to a Houston Dynamo game and a Houston Astros game – as well as checked out a food hall. So yes, my lighting was all over the place.

The lighting ranges were:

  • setting sun outdoors (soccer game)

  • indoors with lots of non-natural light (baseball game)

  • indoors in the morning with large windows and glass doors.

I’m very impressed at how well this film handled the different settings. I’m definitely planning to shoot and experimenting with Delta 3200 more.

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