One Roll, One Kid | October 2019


Totally cheated with this roll, but I don’t even care. My intention was to shoot this roll at the library the same day. But when I got off of work, picked her up, and finally got to the library it was kids galore. I don’t like shooting around a lot of kids I don’t know, so we scratched that idea. Instead, I took the camera out and shot away right before I cooked dinner. I probably shot this entire roll in 5 minutes? Most of it was shot at 1/8 or 1/4 of a second, f/4, and 100 ISO (there isn’t a lot of information on developing pushed Lomography Potsdam, which is why I shot it at 100). But this isn’t so bad considering I didn’t use an tripod.

This month was ALL ABOUT HALLOWEEN! Literally from October 1 it’s been all Halloween all the time. Hoping to get some fun shots of Halloween night this week. She’s going to be Wonder Woman. So yeah, it’ll be epic. This month, she also got to go teach in the three year old classroom (she’s four). The threes are learning to count to 20 so she went to help them. Pretty cute if you ask me.

With this roll, I bought adapters for my 120 and 620 cameras so I can shoot 35mm in them. I did a DIY trick for shooting 35mm in my Holga that you can read here. I like the adapters, they worked really well. I used the new (AMAZING) Lomography Potsdam 100 film. I’ll definitely be trying this combo again!

Be sure to check out Juliet and her roll this month!

Check out the year of one roll, one kid here.

Lounging to the max. I wasn’t sure how these were going to turn out seeing how I shot this at 100 ISO inside, in the fall, at around 6:00 p.m. Super slow shutter. I think I was around 1/4 second, but pretty good considering I didn’t use a tripod.

Camera: Fuji GS 645s
Film: Lomography Potsdam 100
Dev/Scan: at home by me

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