One Roll, One Kid | March 2019


March. Oh, March. We needed you. 2019 has been very rough for our family. But we welcomed March and spring with open arms. We welcomed SXSW, sun, walks to the park, and bubbles outside. A renewing of life. The circle of life is quite beautiful. There are always sunny days after the dark days. And we are grateful we are seeing more sunny days…literally and metaphorically.

This is the last month I’ll have a THREE year old. Yep, she turns FOUR in April. She’s been super interested in my kickboxing training these days so this month she asked to have her gloves in some of the photos. Then she posed herself. Oh my fierce girl. She is strong and smart and kind and sassy all in one. It’s quite amazing actually. Such a beautiful mix of sweet and salty – I love it. She is the first to comfort a friend who is crying and the first to firmly tell a friend “NO” if they try to play with her too rough.

This month is my favorite of the set so far (but I think I said that about last month too, and hopefully I’ll say that about next month). But the very last photo. Oh that smile. I made her laugh and somehow nailed the manual focus mid-laugh to get her gorgeous, genuine smile.

Oh my love. You are my sunshine on a cloudy day.

There are a few of us participating in the One Roll, One Kid project this month. Next up is: Juliet in DC.

Camera: Mamiya 645 1000s
Film: Ilford HP5 +2
Develop/scan: self
Lighting: nature light window

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