One Roll, One Day | October 2016

Our one roll, one day in October took place the Saturday before Halloween. Kinda, mostly, actually 100% on purpose. I REALLY wanted to get my daughter in her dino costume. She is OBSESSED with dinosaurs. There is a little cartoon on YouTube called Dinosaur Song and she loses her mind every time. It’s really cute. So naturally, a dinosaur for Halloween was a given. Mom and dad might had dressed up as Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler…welcome to Jurassic Park! 

Just another day in the Stamps house. In the middle of unpacking as you can see. Glad I didn’t shy away from it. Unpacking with a toddler during your busiest time of year is no joke. But that’s a part of life right now for us and I’m glad I chose to capture it.

A few cute things I caught this month that I want to make note of: my daughter hands me her paci every morning when I serve her breakfast. And with the sweet voice says, “eeryou-go” (here you go). It’s the sweetest. And I caught it on camera…FINALLY! And the other is her spotting the dinosaur at the Pitch and Put on our walk. You can barely make it out, but she spotted it and lost her mind, “Oh! Dino! Dino! Oh! Oh! EEEEEE! Dino!” The kid LOVES dinosaurs!

Day photographed: October 29, 2016

For the filmy nerds: Canon EOS 3 | Kodak Portra 400 | Sigma 35mm Art | Richard Photo Lab

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